VMS Trailer

Varenummer: VMS Trailer
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  • 880 wp solar system

  • Sign programmable by tablet or smartphone (Android / iOS)

  • Low power consumption full color led display

  • Unique automatic rotation & stabilization system

  • One button operation

  • Easy-to-use front mounted control panel

  • Spare tire

  • Cone storage up to 5 traffic cones

  • Removable galvanised drawbar

  • Rubber suspension axle with brakes

  • Handbrake

  • 2 aluminum battery compartments, painted in your RAL color

  • 4 lift eyes on each corner

  • Galvanised chassis

  • 3 road quake portable rumble strips storage

  • Stabilizer chassis for heavy wind loads

  • Electric folding mechanism for the extra solar panels

  • Unique design

  • Also available in 750 kg version!

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VarenummerVMS Trailer